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National retailer
74-76 Cotton Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1AN

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2 days ago


Time to pick and mix it up! We've decided to give you a late Valentine's present... 🍬💜 ...

Time to pick and mix it up! Weve decided to give you a late Valentines present... 🍬💜


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£1 off??? Shenanigans, where's my half price pick'n' mix?? That's Brexit for ya.

Just eat a cups worth whilst your filling your cup and you've got it better than half price!

Thanks only thing I have is a sore finger now 🙄🙄🙄

Carl It’s only £1 off, not half price 😤 Screw that!

Better than nothing. Some people are never happy.

When’s it’s 1/2 price.....

Bass Dan Francesca Standing not quite their usual half price, but still! 🍬

Dan Clatworthy looks like they're doing £1 off instead of half price =/

1 pound off pick and mix

Whoa....£1 off? Mind ya, even at full price, Wilko P&M is better value than those robbing cinema chains. Last time I went to Odeon with my son, ended up paying over £6 for P&M. Might have to pay a trip to local Wilko to stock up before we go to the cinema in half term!

omg Laura Williams no half price pick & mix😰😰😰😰 This is a major blow. I’ve been so excited for weeks for half price pick & mix 😢

Bloody hell, everybody wants something for nothing nowadays! 🙄

Didn’t work for me

Im still gonna get some anyways since its still a bargain

Bring back banoffee fudge.

Half price pick and mix 😁

A pound off all the cups of pick and mix

Got mine today, been craving pic n mix for weeks but refuse to pay full price, £1 off made it more worth it, so got a medium cup. Would’ve got sharing cup but wasn’t planning on sharing at work and wouldn’t be able to hide that size cup

Pity we weren’t in bury st Edmunds now Luke Lucas!!

Happy and devastated at the same time. The only reason to get up in the morning and they've only knocked a quid off.

We want half price 😂!!!!

£1 off really?! We feel cheated in this household come on Wilko you can do better than that.

£1 off pix n mix x

£1 off pick and mix 😊

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2 days ago




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Quickly photographed today.....🐦🌿🍃

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A high-street chain selling household, DIY and homeware goods, including own-brand products.

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